Tips To Shoot A Video

Tips for Making a Professional Video

Shifting focus from real to reel life? Well, it is a natural repercussion of COVID-19. While embracing virtual as the new normal, are you as an individual or conglomerate facing challenges? Are you wondering how to connect and mean business during these challenging times? You are not alone! Most organisations and individual’s high-up in leadership radar have concerns. Webinars, podcasts, and videos have become the ways to connect. However, getting that shoot and video right with a polished and professional appeal is essential. A casual video will lag in making the impact and in delivering the due. 
If you are planning to get that video right, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are some tips from Plan2Shoot experts that can come useful in making professional videos at home or office safe, quick, and refined. 

#Tip 1: Get the Lighting Right: Light makes a significant impact on a video and should be a top priority when filming. When shooting outdoors, the sun can be your best friend. That said, try to shoot in the morning or evening in soft light tones. However, if you miss capturing in morning or evening, you can choose a location with optimum shade to get the lighting right. Similarly, when shooting indoors, opt for large lamps to cast the kind of light you desire. Besides, during an indoor shoot, watch out for shadows. Too many shadows look dramatic and can get distracting. You can either skip shadows or keep it minimal for a straightforward vibe. 

#Tip 2: Background Makes a Big Difference: Choose a solid-coloured backdrop and make sure the subject stands several feet away from the context to avoid casting shadows. You should also avoid capturing a video with a reflective surface as you may end up getting the camera reflection too in the video. Likewise, a window behind the subject can give a darker look to the subject.

#Tip 3: Avoid Shaky Footage; Use Grids: It is hard to hold a camera steady, so look for a tripod or place your camera on a stable surface to get the shots right. You can also avoid panning around. Instead, try to cut from one shot to another. Additionally, choose cameras that come with built-in stabilisation to keep shaky episodes at bay. You can also make the task simple by using a 3-by-3 grid laid while filming. The points where the lines intersect can be the areas of focus so place the essential elements of the video on these intersections.     

#Tip 4: Shoot from Varied Angles: Cut from one angle to another to make your video visually appealing. Try to change perspectives by at least 45 degrees as smaller changes appear jarring. Using this strategy of shooting from different angles can come useful especially when making a video of a product demo or how-to video. 

#Tip 5: The Art of Editing: Almost every video flaw can get covered with video editing. Noise cancellation can fix audio issues, lighting adjustment feature can take care of light concerns and adding background music and transitions can give the video a pro appeal. 
Do you find managing all these elements a little too much? Don’t worry, rely on the experts at Plan2Shoot. The army of creators coming from diverse backgrounds and different expertise can help you achieve the desired results. Whether you need a corporate video, product, or service promotion film or like, just give a shout to our experts who are there to help you shoot a video and edit it to perfection. For professional and striking videos, consult the Plan2Shoot team and let’s shoot like a pro.