5 Tips to Start your Freelance Video Production Career

Are you planning to plunge into a freelancing career? It gives you the flexibility and freedom to explore the kind of work you desire. If you are into video production and are thinking of experimenting with a freelance career, it can help you try varied forms of video making and expanding your portfolio experientially. The demand for videos is experiencing a significant surge. According to a report published in Inventia, “around 85% of users who use the Internet to buy a product prefer to watch company videos. About 54% customers prefer to watch a video rather than read the text published by a brand”. Such and other similar stats clearly indicate the increasing demand for video production across verticals and industries.

With a promising future in this career, Plan2Shoot experts share 5 top tips you should read and consider before venturing into a freelance video production career.

#MakeYourShowReel: Nothing can win you a contract unless you showcase your best work to the client. Before you start pitching to different organisations, your prospective clients, you should design a few showreels. If you attach your showreel with the resume, the chances of getting the deal cracked increase manifold. You can work on different video pieces which you can tweak and share as per requirement.

#KnowYourStrengths: Earn your work depending on your strengths. In the lure of getting more work or cracking a deal to your advantage, please don’t go around pretending that you can deliver something unique when you have never tried it before. It is always best to capitalise on your strengths and put your best foot forward.

#InvestInMachines: Your machines are your best friends! They will help you deliver what you committed. So, buy the required devices and software that can ease your work. If you are into video editing, buy the necessary software and have an up-to-date system so that work deliveries go unimpacted. Delays due to a software or malware issue are not appreciated when you are in freelancing space. It can affect your credibility in the long run.

#KnowtheProjectFees: A difficult and commonly asked question will be about your project rate. You can always do some market research and take help of fellow freelancers to plan your project wise, month-wise or retainer fee. It is necessary to cover all the costs and accordingly quote the right rate.

#Networking: Make some buzz that you are in the market and looking for freelance work. Networking with fellow freelancers, organisations in need of video production or consultancies can help you get continuous business. 

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